Excellence in Low-Code Automation Awards

The Excellence in Low-code Automation Awards were created to recognize and honor exceptional individuals or teams leading meaningful business transformation with Appian.

The Innovation Award

The Innovation Award recognizes an individual or team that is leveraging Appian to disrupt their respective markets and serve as a catalyst for a new industry standard in how work is done.

2021 Innovation Award Winner

Johnson & Johnson has embraced RPA, AI, and Intelligent Business Process Management to give them a competitive edge. Johnson & Johnson built a revolutionary application on the Appian platform that promises to set a new industry standard. Surgeons will no longer need to modify implant kits, which are used for things like  knee or hip implants, for their patients. Johnson & Johnson’s application takes an end-to-end approach, starting with patient data acquisition and extending to surgeon approval of the design, manufacture of the medical device via in-line printing, and finally patient surgery. The application is changing the way surgeons interact with their patients and creates a more seamless and timely process leading to better medical outcomes.

2021 Innovation Award Finalists

Jason DeHetre, Manager, Planning and Engineering
TELUS developed an end-to-end workflow with AI and RPA in preparation for its 5G rollout, and unified five applications and drove 10x efficiency.

Lt. Col. Mark Wagner, Chief, Contracting Business Systems
U.S. Air Force successfully integrated its end-to-end acquisition systems with Appian, resulting in more than $80 million saved.

The Impact Award

The Impact Award recognizes an individual or team that is using the Appian platform to revolutionize workflows to drive significant transformation within their organization.

2021 Impact Award Winner

Loblaws is Canada’s largest food retailer and one of the largest shippers of goods in the country. Low-code automation has transformed Loblaws’ business for the modern era with an Appian mobile application that has significantly improved driver dispatch and delivery coordination. Loblaws kept their workforce safe during the COVID-19 pandemic by eliminating the need for face-to-face interactions at distribution centers. Turnaround times were decreased for thousands of drivers with multiple deliveries per day. In just the first six months of operation, the application has delivered significant savings to Loblaws and a reduction in third-party reconciliation issues.

2021 Impact Award Finalists

Finance and Risk Shared Services team
End-user system and regulatory risk mitigation.

Retirement Services Division
Enabled a seamless transition to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2021 Panel of Judges

Brad Michael
North American Life Sciences Industry Lead

Dr. George Westerman
Principal Research Scientist
MIT Sloan School of Management

Pavel Zamudio
Chief Customer Officer

There is exceptional work being done by our customers across all industries with our Low-code Automation platform. It was difficult to select a winner among such strong nominations.

- Pavel Zamudio, Chief Customer Officer, Appian

Congratulations to our winners, finalists, and nominees.

Additional information will be made available soon regarding the 2022 Excellence in Low-code Automation Awards.